Reconnecting in Communities

It is difficult to navigate in a community that is being torn between health and safety concerns. As a country, the United States has always sought ways to rebuild - bypassing a challenge and finding another way forward. A relevant voice nationally - specific to communities is Project for Public Spaces (PPS). In a recent [...]

Preparedness Planning 101

Museums and art galleries are beginning to draft new plans to implement how to safely allow visitors back onsite. If you are leading this body of work, here is a link to the Minnesota Department of Labor's template; with step-by-step instructions on how to stay safe and get prepared. Seeking a resource to help you [...]

Assessing Your Space

Many art galleries, museums and the like have been pivoting under the pressures of COVID-19 the past few weeks. We are seeing a serge in organizations investing time to re-evaluate their role in the community and connections to key/primary audiences beyond the summer. Virtual offerings are key in the short-term and will most likely continued [...]

How Do You Measure Up?

DesignShop launched a list of the top 10 Tips for Museum Exhibit Design Success (March 2019).  When you think about your site, which areas do you excel at? Of course, no one is perfect - I am sure there are key elements that could be improved as well. Don't be shy when it comes to [...]

Creative Community

Sometimes creativity needs to meet people where they are at. It might not always be wise to think that your audience will come to you. This month, Projects for Public Spaces (PPS) posts about Great Public Spaces: Expecting More from Transit Stop & Stations to help you get inspired.