Soulful Spaces

When I was a little girl, my father prioritized having a special and dedicated space(s) where he could explore art. At times that meant he rented an place in a nearby community, set-up a temporary studio in our family’s basement, or constructed a small 8′ by 16′ room in the detached garage; decked out with a small two-way intercom, so when he lost track of time, my mom could remind him that dinner was waiting on the kitchen table.

Regardless of whether they were owned or rented, close or further away, small or large, I remembered his art studio(s) as a place of learning, exploration, joy and always fill with music. Years later, those spaces are still imprinted in my mind. These long ago memories are challenging me today, to think creatively about what I prioritize in my life – how do I elect to use my spaces personally or professionally?

Although I didn’t study art in my formative years, the concept of being described as an “artist” challenges me. I feel as if my inspiration comes from rooms, buildings, and streets as places. As a designer, I have come to understand that artful spaces still bring me joy and creating a tangible, handcrafted life feels authentic to me.

If you haven’t already, I want to encourage you to carve out a special maker-space of your own. Determine what you need to feel inspired to sing, write, draw, paint, dance, weld, carve or ______. Be sure to fill it with all things that inspire and nurture your creative soul.

Who knows, perhaps your space may harness the power to create not only objects, but lasting memories with neighbors, friends and family that stand the test of [a life] time.

In memory of my father John H. Binsfeld (1951-2015)

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