Maximize Your Art Studio?

The functionality of a creative space matters to your artistic process more than you might think.

The functionality of a creative space matters to your artistic process more than you might think.

Image provided by Khava_Wood on Unsplashed

Whether your medium is paint, clay, fabric or another beloved method, your creative world is sparked by the materials that you transform, the ideas that become a call to action and the space(s) that allow you to blend, scribe, mold, capture and build art.

Is your studio/creative space really working for you? InSite360 recognizes that every artist has five basic needs when it comes to artistic space.

  1. Storage for your raw tools and supplies.
  2. The functionality/flow within your space – while creating.
  3. Storage ,for both partially or completed items.
  4. Display space to highlight your most prized work.
  5. Packaging and shipping areas, with appropriate supplies.

Each of these five elements have specific needs based on your preferred medium(s). For example: If an artist uses large canvases to paint, they will have stronger demands on the size of their storage space opposed to a calligraphy artist.

Where the artistic process takes place also matters. Light is fundamental to any artistic process. If an artist paints in plein-air (outside), natures “studio” has its own specific constraints, such as the season and time within the day to work in order to capture the light. However, someone that has a dedicated studio space in the basement of their home; manufactured or artificial light may need to be strategically added to support their creative process.

The goal for an artist, is often to have a creative space in which their imagination is uninhibited by their surroundings. We invite you to consider your type of art, while thinking through each of the five simple phases of your process listed above. Do you notice a challenge in your current space? If so, consider how to re-work your studio to meet specific needs or find a new space to dedicate to your art.

InSite360 is all about falling in love with spaces. If you would like a skilled designer to walk through your space (in-person or virtually), we would be happy to offer guidance. Our goal is to ensure as an artist/creative/maker, you have both a functional and intentional studio space – so you can focus on transforming your ideas into reality.

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