“Beautiful minds inspire others.” ~ Anonymous

InSite360 is an innovative leader in the development of dynamic  shared spaces.

We partner with the creative class to bridge today’s most pressing site challenges, with original design concepts that focus on curating engaging spaces. Not your typical design business; we recognize that a dynamic and meaningful space requires a comprehensive, 360 degree approach.

Customize: Creative Spaces

If you are an artist or arts organization, it important to think about the rooms in which you create or invite others into – Does it meet your needs? Is it safe, efficient and organized? Does it encourage you/others to return to continue the work? For some, it might mean refreshing an existing studio space. Others may seek to carve out a new, dedicated space for their studio. InSite360 can provide customized design solutions for art studios and classrooms that focus on functional spaces for optimal creativity.

We will take time to learn about you and your work to create a design that reflects…

  • Storage needs for raw materials based on the art form and medium (vertical and horizontal space review)
  • Key tools utilized in the creation process and their placement onsite
  • Assessing the functionality of the existing space – lighting, furniture, ventilation, shelving, etc.
  • How others access to the finish product – art is showcased, shipped or temporarily stored.

Result = A customize design plan that reflects an efficient and effective creative space for you and/or your organization.

Assess: Today’s Visitor’s Experience

Sometimes assessing an existing attraction can be difficult; fresh eyes from an unbiased observer is valuable. InSite360 offers a customized site evaluation through the eyes of a new patron or tourist. Hire us to conduct an assessment of your current visitor experiences including: 

  • Way-finding through the site and between exhibits
  • Functionality of exhibits (storyline, visuals, print materials, etc.)
  • Engagement opportunities for visitors (onsite, virtually and in print)
  • Educational programming take-aways
  • Messaging around financial support and continued stewardship
  • COVID 19 assessments for those spaces preparing to reopen (new offering)

Result = A written assessment for local leaders (owners, board members, staff, etc.) on the visitor’s experience at your site. This information can help enhance existing exhibits, serve as the foundation for future projects, evaluate programs and identify potential fundraising opportunities.

Curate: Something New!

Interested in an out-of-the-box approach that entices people to meaningfully and/or playfully engage in their surroundings? InSite360 offers an effective step-by-step process for your next project. Leave the management of the project and its creative partners in our capable hands.

1) Getting Started? Consider a Temporary Exhibit. 

InSite360 can help curate a temporary or short-term exhibit with local partners; including artists, schools, museums and other community stakeholders. This service is also ideal for new organizations still in the planning and fundraising phase, but are not ready to invest in permanent structures.  A short-term exhibit offers flexibility with a raw space, it creates something “new” in an otherwise static environment and it offers your audience a way to tangibly connect – envisioning your role in the community. In addition, it has the capability to connect with a variety of partners – potentially leveraging new funds.

Result: Your organization enhanced connections to community partners that builds on existing and future donors.

2) Longevity: The 360 Process ADDS Value to New Exhibits.

  • [A] Assess

    • Gather Input: Survey, listening session(s), and/or creative engagement activities onsite, with your team and/or community
      • Determine your key outcomes 
      • Define the pivotal resource(s) to be showcased
    • Conduct cultural research with staff to better understand significance (site, objects, historical figures, etc.)
    • Assess existing site dynamics 

Result: A plan and prospectus on next best steps to complete the project

  • [D] Design

    • Map primary and secondary sight lines
    • Define ideal function
    • Determine the desired mood
    • Select and highlight purposeful objects within the space
    • Complete design preliminary sketches of the exhibit
    • Identify meaningful engagement techniques 

Result: Conceptual design(s) to visualize your new space and/or site

  • [D] Develop

    • Select artists, artisans and contractors to prepare the space 
    • Fabricate custom design solutions
    • Oversee exhibit installation

Result: A memorable and engaging exhibit your patrons and community are sure to love!

  • [S] Steward:

Everything we do is designed to connect individuals to an important resource in the community. The better we are at our job, the more visitors will engage onsite, additional funds will be captured and ultimately a local resource(s) will be preserved for future generations.

Result: Your community has mindful and meaningful spaces.

Who Do We Partner With?

InSite360 seeks valuable partnerships with two main types of clients: 

  1. The Leaders: We are looking for public stewards and private site owners interested in evaluating or enhancing their space(s) that includes parks, museums, zoos, living history sites, business owners, and all other community thought leaders.
  2. The Makers: Partnering with other creative minds, allows us to design and fabricate unique space solutions for our clients. That means we often seek muralists, graphic designers, wood and metal artists and other creatives that can help make your ideas and our designs come to life.

Where We Work…

Although we are based near one of America’s greatest resources – the Mississippi River in Minnesota; we are open to traveling the country to support sites that are seeking a fresh take on their shared spaces. Whether it is a small project helping tourists find their way through your site (in or outdoors), or you seek a custom exhibit showcasing a new or refreshed resource.

In Summary…

We are able to integrate creative, mindful, cultural, and environmentally responsive services onsite and help you with …

  • Design concepts for your studio or art classroom(s)
  • An assessment of an existing site, exhibit, and corresponding educational program
  • Curate mobile exhibits or temporary public art installations
  • Partner with other creatives to develop a permanent exhibit with lasting appeal

Relevant, Temporary Service:

  • COVID 19 Preparedness Planning and Assessment