“Beautiful minds inspire others.” ~ Anonymous

InSite360 is an innovative leader in the development of dynamic spaces.

We partner with the creative class to bridge today’s most pressing site challenges, with original design concepts that focus on curating engaging spaces. Not your typical design business; we recognize that a dynamic and meaningful space requires a comprehensive, 360 degree approach.

Our Approach

Our work integrates interior design and public art principles to create innovative solutions for personal, professional and public spaces. Our unique skill-sets is rooted in best practices specific to interpretive planning, creative place-making, visual art, space planning and design. The result, is a customize private or shared space that meets your specific needs.

Consider space(s) in your home, office and/or community that you would like to enhance. How would you prefer to connect in or use this space? Contact InSite360 to set-up a time to take advantage of a free consultation to begin the process to re-image the space and learn more about our customizable services.

Design Services

  • Personal Spaces: Growing interest in remote work has resulted in the need to update spaces located inside the home including offices, art studios, workshops and the like .
  • Professional Spaces: Organize and (re)design classrooms, lobby entrances, offices or hotel suites to focused on employee and customer experiences.
  • Public Spaces: Assess and apply an artful approach to shared community spaces including parks, buildings, exhibits.

Download a free PDF to learn more about our approach approaches to personal and public spaces (below).

Customizable Products

  • Quick Start Guide to Public Art: Designed to support community volunteers interested in working with an artist on a project. This five step resource will be available for purchase and download May 2021.
  • Donor Recognition Walls/Installations: Customizable installation(s) that showcase a nonprofit’s annual donors. These pieces are made from a variety of materials including vinyl, glass, wood and metal in partnership with local artists.

In Summary…

We are able to integrate creative, mindful, cultural, and environmentally responsive services onsite and help you with …

  • Design concepts for your studio or art classroom(s)
  • An assessment of an existing site, exhibit, and corresponding educational program
  • Curate mobile exhibits or temporary public art installations
  • Partner to develop a permanent exhibit with lasting appeal

Where We Work

Although we are based near one of America’s greatest resources – the Mississippi River in Minnesota; we are open to traveling the country to support sites that are seeking a fresh take on their shared spaces. Whether it is a small project helping tourists find their way through your site (in or outdoors), a boutique hotel lobby, home office, art studio, or a custom exhibit showcasing a new or refreshed resource – InSite360 walks each client through a series of questions to identify key space challenges and reimagine how it can serve you or the community better going forward.

Who We Partner With

InSite360 seeks valuable partnerships with individuals, groups or organizations interested in making a positive change in the spaces they live, work and play. If that is you, contact us to learn more about how we can help make your idea(s) a reality.