“Beautiful minds inspire others.” ~ Anonymous

Partnering With Us

InSite360 fuses community and economic development, with an emerging artistic lens to assist you, your team, or community.  An innovative leader in the development of dynamic spaces in which people want to live, work, and play; we partner with the creative class to bridge today’s pressing, community challenges with original design concepts that focus on curating engaging, shared spaces.

The National Endowment for the Arts refers to creative placemaking as a partnership with public, private, nonprofit, and/or community sectors to strategically shape the physical and social character of an area through artistic and cultural activities. This approach has the ability to animate public and private spaces, rejuvenate structures and streetscapes, improve local business viability, enhance public safety, and bring diverse people together to celebrate, inspire, and be inspired.

Not your typical arts-based community development organization, we recognize that a dynamic community and purposeful life requires a comprehensive approach. Interested in an out-of-the-box approach to your community work that entices people to playfully engage in their surroundings? InSite360 offers three services that will leave a lasting impression.

1) Public engagement that seeks creative ways to connect individuals to conversations about their community. A city engages their community to identify strategic, comprehensive, and inclusive plans. InSite360 offers unique approaches that go beyond the survey and a town hall meeting, to gather input from stakeholders, area residents, visitors, and key community leaders.

  • Conduct a collaborative needs assessment
  • Brainstorm creative engagement platforms and approaches, both in-person and virtually that cultivate long-term or temporary opportunities.

Retain our services to coordinate your next town hall meeting or annual public engagement plan.

2) Artistically infuse design into the physical, public spaces within a community (sidewalks, parks, vacant buildings, etc.). Work with qualified staff specializing in arts-based community and economic development to integrate creative, mindful, cultural, and environmentally responsive services in your community through…

  • Project, site, and interpretive program assessments.
  • Design of community engagement/stakeholder activities.
  • The curation of artistic talent and project oversight.
  • Development of collaborative plans for public and private arts-related investments.

Inquire about our vacant building (or lot) tour packages.

3) Support for individuals interested in sustaining a career as a creative community partner serving Minnesota (and beyond). Creative leadership development is a unique process that builds an individual’s, team’s, or a company’s capacity to achieve more than just short and long-term goals, but spaces that allow them to thrive as artists, creatives and innovators by…

  • Connecting to valuable training along with individual leadership.
  • Facilitated group coaching sessions that are confidential and customized to transcend your desires, talents, and innovative ideas with a business plan of action as a creative leader.

Contact us to find out how you can connect or collaborate on a community project.

At times, communities and organizations need a customized service to move past a roadblock or just a little help to get started. This work may include consulting specific to grassroots leadership development, meeting facilitation, and training. If this describes your need(s)– contact us for a confidential session to work through next steps to keep your work moving forward.

Uncertain were to start – InSite360 can help facilitate a group discussion to help focus your next group conversation.