“Art, freedom, and creativity will change society faster than politics.” ~ Victor Pinchuk

Our Big Idea

At InSite360, we believe that art, innovation, and creativity are not only valuable strategies, but necessary for individuals, businesses, and communities interested in positively impacting today’s most pressing social challenges.

Why?  The design of shared, public spaces has the power to encourage or discourage community building. And partnering with a creative (a.k.a. artist, innovator, thought leader) offers an authentic approach to community work (nothing cookie-cutter here).

As a small town girl, with a compunction to help and a passion for smart design, I wanted to create a company that focuses on creative approaches to hold conversations, gather meaningful input, and move to action – based on grassroots, bottom-up strategies. After years of serving communities, as a developer, I recognized that there is a need for flexible, obtainable, and affordable approaches to public engagement and curating dynamic spaces. And, that empowering others – interested in serving as a creative/artistic community partner, is important and necessary work.

Not your typical arts organization, InSite360 is a social enterprise that fuses a love of design and years of experience in the field of planning and development – offering a full service, arts-based community development approach centered on meeting the needs of both civic leaders and creative community partners.

Founder’s Bio

Michelle Kiley has worked for several years as a planner, community, and economic development professional in greater Minnesota. She specialized in leadership development, program design, facilitation, planning,  and inter-generational learning. Kiley holds a B.A. in Local and Urban Affairs and an M.S. in Tourism, Planning, and Development from St. Cloud State University. In addition, to her academic record, she has successfully completed the “Emerging Public Artist” workshop hosted by Forecast for Public Art (2017) and is an alumna of the 2018 “Teaching Artist Roster Program” offered through the Central Minnesota Arts Board (CMAB).

In loving memory of my father, Dr. John H. Binsfeld who was an enthusiastic entrepreneur, an amazing teacher, creative thought leader, and breathtaking visual artist.