“Art, freedom, and creativity will change society faster than politics.” ~ Victor Pinchuk

Founder’s Bio

Michelle Kiley has worked for several years as a community planner and economic development professional in greater Minnesota. Kiley holds a B.A. in Local and Urban Affairs and a M.S. in Tourism, Planning, and Development from St. Cloud State University. Currently she is seeking two certificates from the New Your Institute of design (interior design and AutoCAD).

In addition to her academic record, she successfully completed the “Emerging Public Artist” workshop hosted by Forecast for Public Art (2017) and is an alumna of the 2018 “Teaching Artist Roster Program” offered through the Central Minnesota Arts Board (CMAB) as a temporary public artist. Kiley has led a nonprofit arts organization that supports visual art installations, exhibitions, educational programming and a variety of performing arts experiences. She is committed to designing artful spaces – fusing her talent, education and love of creating influential spaces. 

A Note from Michelle

I believe my journey into the world of exhibit assessment and design took root years ago; as a child I was interested in what I would eventually define as interior design. Although my career has taken me down exciting and, at times challenging paths, I recognized that my love for design and pull to create dynamic spaces is still just as alive in my heart today, as it was so many years ago.

Besides, all spaces can be delineated! Instead of four walls inside a living-room, my spaces are defined within the context of gallery walls, the right-of-way alongside a regional bicycle trail, positioned between two roadways along Main Street U.S.A., or at the heart of a single exhibit – nestled inside a museum.

The design process is very much the same. It intentionally sets the mood through color, lighting, architectural elements, and the like; determines the function based on a target audience(s); and showcases specific objects that are in harmony (scale, style and size) in the space – all these elements are combined to reach a desired outcome.


My work experience and education could be described as eclectic. However, a thread links both – creating a beautiful tapestry that serves as a background to how I am uniquely present in the world. Accordingly,  I have the ability to see possibilities in a space, host meaningful conversations, develop an action plan that can drive tourism and tie in opportunities to raise additional funds because your audience was excited about how they were invited to engage onsite.

Additional universal skills that are valuable to my clients include; grassroots engagement, tourism planning, educational outreach, program evaluation, board development, project oversight and organizational management based on capacity.

These thought processes or techniques are important elements I am able to weave into the design process to identify a meaningful, authentic and creative vision together as creative partners. This work is accomplished by developing manageable ways to implement your responses to these important questions:

How do you want your visitors to feel when they are in the space? What do you think are the most important elements that should be remembered when they leave? And, ultimately, in what ways can and should you encourage others to care about the resources that you invest so much time and energy preserving?  

My life’s work has been guided by a host of mentors, friends and family. One of my greatest influencers was my father. His words of encouragement will forever inspire me to see the world around me as a creative canvas. This is why I founded InSite360.


In loving memory of my father, Dr. John H. Binsfeld who was an enthusiastic entrepreneur, an amazing teacher, creative thought leader, and breathtaking visual artist (Aug. 1953 – Dec. 2015).